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I have known Yvan for more than 6 years and it is a pleasure writing this short testimonial because Yvan is making it very easy.
First of all is it important to confirm that Yvan is an individual with high moral standards which make sure that he conduct his business as a professional Hunter in a professional way but also in a way that he can always look back knowing that he has served our hunting industry to his best ability.

Yvan is still a young gentle giant but without a doubt one of the best young professional hunters I have met, and I am confident that Yvan will be a legend long before he is a legend in years.

He has been exposed to all the different hunting scenarios – hunting in the different areas in South Africa and big game hunts in Tanzania , Zimbabwe , Namibia and Zambia both with rifle and bow.

Yvan’s contribution to make our business successful is huge because most most of his clients  that can afford it will come back to another experience with Yvan and just Yvan !!!

Yvan will without a doubt make phasa proud if they decide to honor him with this award.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions in this regard.


Wiaan van der Linde

Founder and owner of Wintershoek Safaris

Professional Hunter of the Year – Yvan Nieuwoudt

Over the past three years I have had an opportunity to spend time with Yvan both in the veld and outside – during show season.

I have found Yvan to be very passionate about his role as a professional hunter. He is knowledgeable, patient and confident in his abilities. This past August, I finally had the chance to hunt directly with Yvan and sincerely appreciated the efforts he took to ensure I was comfortable with the firearm, we discussed my preferred shooting distance and desired trophies and shooting size.

Yvan is a gentle giant and I sincerely enjoyed our hunt.

Outside of the veld, I have observed Yvan talking with hunters from beginners to advanced, hunters who are hunting plainsgame to dangerous game and in all of these encounters, Yvan has treated them with great respect. He engages the group and learns about what each individual is looking for in a hunt.

I am confident that any hunter who has Yvan as their Professional Hunter will not only harvest the animals they are seeking, but that the quality will be very good and that their hunt will be very memorable, I know mine was.


Cyndy Boyce,
Scandia, MN USA


 I have hunted with a large number of experienced, respected and accomplished PHs in Africa and, consequently, think that I am in relatively good position to provide an objective and informed opinion as regards Yvan.

Yvan is without a doubt the best PH I have ever hunted with to date. Let me explain why. In my view to be a good PH you need to be well rounded.

It requires a combination of skills in the right measure each. It´s not just about spotting, hunting and tracking. You obviously need to hunt well and understand animal behaviour and the land intrinsically.

Yvan does. However, there are many other requirements to being a good PH. Yvan not only understands animal behaviour and tendencies; he pre-empts their behaviour – he predicts it and on a consistent basis.

I have stalked game with him and honestly cannot remember a failed stalk. He just does not allow himself to be put in a situation where failure becomes a possible outcome. His understanding of the animals and the land is exceptional and combines with, importantly, other key PH skills.

You can be a great hunter and tracker but if you are terrible with people, conversationally, socially, you will be the worst PH in the world. Yvan manages to balance hunting professionalism in the field with excellent social and entertainment skills by the fireside. Every client is different. Different background and culture and often language too.

Being able to successfully hunt with different personalities and effortlessly socialise with them as well is a skill seldom found anywhere. I think another crucial aspect to being a good PH is being ethical. Yvan, I think, genuinely believes that hunting and the environment can work in harmony. And in the field he has a genuine respect for the animals and conducts hunting in an ethically correct manner. There are other aspects of course to being a very good PH.

Yvan has them covered. And the fundamentals he has perfected through years of practice, supported by a sound ethical foundation and solid personality.


John Yau.

Lechwe trophy
Barbery Sheep


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