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            Welcome to Cross Continent Expeditions! Cross Continent Expeditions is a family-owned booking agency based in the United States. We specialize in custom safaris and outdoor adventures in Southern Africa and in the United States.

Our goal is to make sure that our clients book with a reputable outfitter that best suits their needs based on specie availability, location and terrain, accommodation and lodging, and price ranges.

We custom-build your safari, hunt, or outdoor adventure specifically to your requests. The owners of Cross Continent Expeditions have extensive experience in the hunting industry and have worked with well-trusted outfitters for over 15 years.

Yvan has personally guided hunts and collaborated with professional hunters and affiliated outfitters in all of the Southern African countries in which Cross Continent Expeditions (CCE) recruits hunting destinations. CCE will make sure you’ll get connected with the right outfitter for your needs.

Lechwe trophy
Barbery Sheep

Yvan & Georgeana Nieuwoudt

Yvan and his wife, Georgeana Nieuwoudt, own and operate Cross Continent Expeditions and will be our representatives for the Southern African countries including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

Yvan was born and raised in South Africa, and he has been a professional hunter for the past 15 years, guiding hunts in the aforementioned African countries. Yvan received the Basie Maartens Professional Hunter of the Year Award in 2017 presented by Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA).

He has had the privilege of working with some of the most reputable outfitters in the industry, and he has guided hunts in some of the most amazing hunting areas that Africa has to offer.

Yvan’s wife, Georgeana, was born and raised in Mississippi. After exchanging vows in 2020, Georgeana made the move to the beautiful country of South Africa to reside with her husband.

The couple’s love for hunting, conservation and travelling the world has led them to the establishment of Cross Continent Expeditions.

Matt & Kimberly Dowell

Meet the Mississippi natives and co-owners of Cross Continent Expeditions, Matt and Kimberly Dowell. Matt is the brother of Georgeana and the brother-in-law of Yvan.

Matt and Kimberly have two precious little boys, Rowan (4) and Hunter (10). Matt will be our North American representative for Cross Continent Expeditions.

Matt’s passion for hunting began at a young age, and he has experience hunting in the US, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, to name a few. Matt’s wife and his two sons enjoy every opportunity to spend time in the woods.

Matt and Kimberly

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